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Between the Fourth and Fifth Crusades, both sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church with the goal of recapturing Jerusalem and the sacred "Holy Land" from Muslim rule, there occurred another Crusade. Launched in 1209, the Albigensian Crusade’s goal was to eliminate the “heretical” Christian Cathars of Occitania in the south of modern-day France. It was a decades-long struggle that in the end found both the Cathars and the independence of southern France extirpated. Prior to the fall of Montsegur, the last bastion of the Cathars, on the 12th of March 1244, Cathar “treasure” was spirited away from Montsegur. Was it gold, religious artifacts, or perhaps ancient documents of great significance to the Catholic Church? The physical efforts required in surreptitiously removing a “treasure” from Montsegur, the mountain top fortress, during a siege by the Pope’s army, dictates documents! Questions virtually scream from the corridors of time: What documents prompted a Crusade of Christians against Christians? Who wrote them? What happened to them? What revelations do they contain? And now, why and by what means is the Roman Church attempting to find the parchments? How and why does the trail lead from the Middle East to the Languedoc region of France, to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, to Oxford University in Great Britain, and finally to Rome and the Vatican’s secret archives?


The documents long lost to antiquity are found in l' Archivio Segreto Vaticano, the secret archives of the Vatican and translated; a plot that resulted in the crime of murder is revealed and  additional murders are contemplated and foiled. A nefarious plan including terrorist like actions to stop the probable distribution of the documents contents is hatched by unknown individuals. The plan, if successful will change everything.

Short Prose

Memories of Love, Ashes, and Orcas

By Jorgia Dee (Erotic Romance)

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"Memories of Love, Ashes, and Orcas" is the romantic tale of how two strangers, Patricia and Mike, from extremely different backgrounds, meet and fall in love, literally at first sight and touch. The setting is the San Juan Islands in the northwestern area of the state of Washington. The islands lie between the northwest coast of Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Patricia, now divorced, is recovering physically and psychologically from a dysfunctional, very bad, physically abusive marriage. True love, be it platonic or erotic at first blush is that which is absolutely necessary for functional, meaningful bonding of bodies and souls. The aspect of that love may change but the essence flows onward into eternity.

In process:

Wildcatter Revelation  (Fiction)

The Journals of Roe (Science Fiction)

Will and Edith (Romance)

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